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The following sentences are valid with www.highstakesnow.com's Terms and Conditions:

Whenever the term “Site” is utilized, it denotes www.highstakesnow.com.

Whenever the terms “We,” “Us” and “Our” are utilized in the present document, they denote highstakesnow.com.

Whenever the word “you” is utilized, it denotes the person(s) who access the Site or make contributions to the Website.

Whenever the term “Consensus” is utilized, it denotes each and every one of the stipulations, circumstances, and announcements included in the Terms and Conditions.

Utilization of, and admission to, the Site, is provided to you after you agree to the “Consensus,” without changing it. When you access and utilize our Site, you accept the boundaries and restrictions of the Consensus.

We advise you to pay close attention when you browse through the Consensus, as any utilization of our Site amounts to complete adherence to the Consensus.

In case you cannot accept the Consensus in its entirety, we suggest that you stop using our Site. In case you do not agree with each and every one of the Terms and Conditions, you are not allowed to utilize our Site.

We retain the complete liberty of making any transformations, revisions, and rectifications to the Consensus that we regard as suitable. We are free to implement the aforementioned changes however we want, without having to inform the customers of our Site of such modifications. Perpetual utilization of our Site after the implementation of any and all discretional modifications will amount to an acknowledgment of the new Consensus.

Acknowledgment of and adherence to the present Consensus constitutes the sole condition under which we can permit you to visit and utilize our Site.

When accessing our Site, you accept the Terms and Conditions listed below:

The entirety of the content posted on our Site has the sole target of providing information. We cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any operations you may undertake following the content of the Site. The present assertion also comprises content delivered by email marketing.

Our Site does not constitute a virtual or mobile betting service. Consequently, we do not accept or promote financial deals, associated with the laying of gambles or stakes!

You accept the fact that you must not utilize our Site (or any section of our Site) for any ill-intended operations. Moreover, you accept the fact that you must utilize it in conformity with the entirety of applicable regulations. You will compensate and keep Us secure against any external demands, casualties, grievances, accountabilities, charges and expenditures (comprising taxes and expenses), associated with or emerging from any infringement by you of the present conditions.

You accept the fact that you must not upload to or send through our Site (comprising each and every one of its associated servers and facilities) any PC viruses, large-scale viruses, trojans, worms or any other elements devised for the purpose of obstructing, suspending or destroying the regular functional processes of a PC, grid or mobile gadget(s).

You will not produce and post a hypertext link to any section of our Site. Moreover, you will not try to enter any section or integral element of our Site without prior authorization.

You will refrain yourself from uploading or sending via our Site any content that We, or our customers, might regard as insulting, vulgar, unacceptable or scandalous. This comprises content that might generate irritation, discomfort or unnecessary disquietude. We retain the liberty of removing this type of content without offering any communication or account.

We cannot vouch that our Site will be fault-free, glitch-free or function continuously. The entirety of our content is offered “as is” and “as accessible.” Moreover, you are fully accountable for the operations you engage in after reading.

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